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AR4100 connectivity issues (DHCP, HTTPServ, etc...)

Question asked by williamely on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by williamely

I am able to get the web_hvac demo to run on both interfaces but in order to connect to the web interface (or ping and etc...) on the wi-fi connection I must first ping my computer using the shell.

I noticed this behavior before I started tinkering with getting both interfaces active.

It's as though the Wi-Fi interface is sleeping unless something on the MCU side causes it to wake up and only then is it able to respond to external connections.

shell> ping


Press [q] to cancel.

Reply from []: time=1ms

Reply from []: time=21ms

Reply from []: time<1ms

Reply from []: time<1ms


After this the web interface will be available for a few minutes until something happens and the web interface starts timing out.

My wireless 802.11n router detects the AR4100 as follows:


The signal strength is OK but I wonder why it only connects as G not N.


Also DHCP fails with RTCSERR_IPCFG_BIND probably for the same reason as the HTTPserv problem.

I see several DHCP Discover and Offer packets in Wireshark but the Wi-Fi won't accept the offer.


I suspect the problem is something to do with the power management on the device since it is designed for IoT.


If anyone has any experience with this problem I would greatly appreciate your help!


Background info:

TWR-K60D100M with TWR-SER and TWR-WIFI-AR4100 with silver chip. J12 has 2-3 shorted, I haven't messed with any other jumpers.

CW 10.5 MQX with Atheros MQX patch I have not changed any of the Atheros config files.