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SPI Driver for IMX6Q Running On Linux Distribution

Question asked by Masmoudi Med on Feb 17, 2014

Im working on project that use the IMX6Q6AVT Board and In part off this project I want communicate with SPI module "ECSPI1,ECSPI2,ECSPI3..." to others external Device "Communication Master ==>Slave", to do that i have installed in first The Last Oneric version Proposed by Freescale and in second Linux "Xubuntu Raring (13.04)"  on the IMX6Q but the same problem SPI Module is not loaded on the kernel. in fact I tried to build the SPI Module with LTIB and integrate it but without result. 

My question what is the procedure to build the driver SPI which lets you use all SPI Masters on Board "IMX6Q" to communicate to external Slaves for Linux distribution?