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CodeWarrior : Connecting Error

Question asked by hana Ahmad AL-Theiabat on Feb 17, 2014

Dear all,


Thanks for effort with me.

could you have a look at the following?


I tried to work on the Real port PC, and I got new error while trying to connect or debug with CodeWarrior as followed:


Inline image 1


and the addresses for the LPT as following:


Inline image 2


What do you think the problem from where?


And I have another question, as we know before we tried downloading using MATLAB, what the Buffer addresses did set the (( MPC555DK Wiggler ))? it depends on what?


Inline image 3



finally, when I tried to run the simple BDM from MATLAB it called directly the CodeWarrior and give this error:


Inline image 4



Please, What do you think? have you any idea?


NOTE: CodeWarrior version 8.7 and my PC is XP 2002 SP3.