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Is it possible to use the yocto plugin for the yocto-freescale (imx6sabrelite)?

Question asked by Mario Rodriguez on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by Daiane Angolini

Hello I was researching and I saw that there is a yocto plugin to "bake" new recipes. (Bitbake commander projects on eclipse) Is it possible to use it together with the yocto-freescale projects?

I see that the yocto-freescale (dylan) uses the poky version 1.4.3, But I don't see a corresponding mirror for the 1.4.3 plugin on the eclipse download site: Index of /releases/yocto

Does that mean there is none? I have tried to use Eclipse Kepler with the latest Yocto plugin 1.5 but it didnt work (Eclipse freezes after trying to create a new bitbake commander project)

Has anyone succesfully installed the yocto plugin for the imx6? Is the image from freescale compatible with the yocto plugin?