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Issue in toggle recently launched apps for homekey long pressed

Question asked by Prasanna Kulkarni on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by Prasanna Kulkarni

Hi All,

            we are using Android ICS (4.0.4) freescale imx6dq BSP. we are facing a problem in, opening recently launched apps when home key is long pressed. the code in


if (down) {

1591                 if (repeatCount == 0) {

1592                     mHomePressed = true;

1593                 } else if ((event.getFlags() & KeyEvent.FLAG_LONG_PRESS) != 0) {

1594                     if (!keyguardOn) {

1595                         handleLongPressOnHome();

1596                     }

1597                 }

1598             }


       The red colored part of code is never called because we are not getting repeatCount > 0. very uncertainly once in a 100 times recently launched apps would be toggled and that time alone repeatcount will be 1 and event.getFlags() becomes 136. rest of the time repeatcount=0 and event.getFlags()=8. so how to solve this problem. we need to toggle recently launched apps for every homekey long press event..