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How to program the TWR-VF6GS10

Question asked by Pierre Malherbe on Feb 16, 2014
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I have already received some elements of answer about this question in another topic (thank you all), but that topic was also about some different issues so I am starting a new one only dedicated to the programming of the board.

Could someone be kind enough to explain me how to start programming my TWR-VF6GS10 step by step please? I have read several pdfs but I cannot get it to work.


Here is what I already did:


- Following the instrucitons of the document: OPENSDAUG.pdf, I copied the CMSIS-DAP.S19 file onto to board, while under the bootloader mode. I then unplugged the board and plugged it back in.

- I followed the instructions of the Vybrid DS-5 Getting Started Guide. There are however some differences between what is described in the guide and what happens on my computer. I am not sure which one are relevant.


page 7 of the guide:


What I see on my computer:



page 9 of the guide:


On my computer: I do not see these two options. Instead: this window appears:



Page 9 of the guide:



This is as far as I could go since I could not establish a connection with the board. The only connection detected was in the first Vybrid Cortex-A5 CMSIS-DAP:



However, when I selected this connection, the Debug button remained grey.


In all the other sections, there was no connection detected:




Thank you all very much for your help.