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downloading s19 file with CW 5.7 to MC9S12D64

Discussion created by A el Ajjouri on Aug 14, 2007
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I have purchased an CARDS12 with the MC9S12D64 microcontroller and try to turn on and off a LED on port H.
The simple code is made with CodeWarrior 5.7.0 and I select the right target (targetname: HCS12 Serial Monitor). The CARDS12 has a monitorprogram (TwinPeeks) which is protected for write acces.
Further information: My laptop has no RS232 connection I used a USB to RS232 converter
My Questions:
1) Does I need a extra terminal program like the OC Console for downloading the .s19 file?
2) Does I need the Freescale SRCVT program to aligned the s.19 file or does CodeWarrior aligned the code by default?
3) The s.19 file can I find it in the Burner map of the project and is it named "HCS12_Serial_Monitor.abs.s19"?
I hope you can help me.
In advance.
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