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Is there somewhere to go for priority (fee for service) support?

Question asked by Derik DeVecchio on Feb 14, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2014 by Hui_Ma

I have waited patiently (4 months) for support on my service request.  In that time I have tested with different boards and tried many different work arounds.  I am defeated.  I have spent approximately 70 hours  (really almost 2 man weeks) reading every forum article on the internet I could find just to put a Kinetis microcontroller (K10DX64LHV7) into (and out of) sleep mode.  Don't get me wrong.  I am pretty sure that it is my mistake somewhere.  There probably some "oh so obvious" jiggery-whatsit that forgot to flip on or off.   But whatever the problem is, it is pretty clear at this point that I will never find it on my own. 


Alas I am now at a production deadline and I need an answer.  We don't have time to redesign the whole board with a different micro controller.   What we need is some way to put a K10 into LLS (preferably less than 200uA IDD) and some way to reliably wake it on an interrupt (either the PIN interupts or with the LPTMR).   If someone is willing to recommend someone that knows the ins and outs of these chips and is willing to work with us for a fee, please respond to this post.


We are currently developing with the Keil uVision IDE if that matters at all.




Derik DeVecchio