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Vybrid and CP15SDISABLE

Question asked by Bill Pringlemeir on Feb 14, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by Ross Mcluckie

How is the ARM CP15SDISABLE connected on the Vybrid devices.  This is referred to in the ARM cortex-A5 MPCore TRM version r0p1 in table 4-1 on page 4-3.  It lists the following CP15 registers as locked by this signal.

  • SCTLR System Control Register
  • ACTLR Auxiliary Control Register
  • TTBR0 Translation Table Base Register
  • TTBCR Translation Table Base Control Register
  • DACR Domain Access Control Register
  • PRRR, NMRR Memory region remap
  • VBAR Vector Base Address Register
  • MVBAR Monitor Vector Base Address Register


The Vybrid bootloader/HAB could set this signal or perhaps it is available via some other module?  Or it is hard coded in the Vybrid design?