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Capture audio (loopback capture) with gstreamer on Windows

Question asked by Amir Hammoutene on Feb 14, 2014

Hi, First of all, sorry for my english


I want to create a free PC software that runs in the background (in the "notification area" of windows) that recognizes and displays the music played on a label closed to the so-called "notification area" (the message should be discrete) whenever it recognizes a music played by the headphones.


In addition, I would like a button "share on facebook" so that when this button is pressed, the status "listening TITLE by ARTIST." is generated on facebook.


It's not that I'm a crazy about sharing on facebook, but it happens that I want to share with others what new music I'm listening to.


For a beginning, I would like to create an application (preferably in C / C + +) for capturing 30 seconds of what you hear by the speakphones every 2 minutes. I know WASAPI can do that but if I can use gstreamer , it would be great!!


Thank you in advance for your contribution.