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codewarrior MCU v6.3 to eclipse migration => link error

Question asked by Loic DELORME on Feb 14, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2014 by Fiona Kuang



I try to migrate some project made with Codewarrior for MCU v6.3 (Special Edition) to new Eclipse v10.5 (Special Edition)


For project based on HCS08, it work fine. I create a new project, then copy c file, header and PRM file.

I can build and debug quickly.


For project bases on Colfdfire V1 (MCF51AC256A), I get following error :

          Overflow in segment: code from section: .text Segment reserved size is: 0x0000f5fb -- Overflow of: 0x00001b69


I created a project in Eclipse and copied c file, header file and lpr file, in the same way as HCS08 project.


I can't understand why I get this error instead lpr file work fin on classic IDE.


Have you any idea?