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Strange crashes on MQX

Question asked by Dirk Doerr on Feb 14, 2014
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we are experiencing strange crashes when running our software on Vybrid MQX.


The same executable is causing an abort exception at different places i. e. different call stacks at different times (sometimes running for 2 minutes sometimes 10 minutes). We tried different AutoEVB boards with different CPU configurations. It makes no difference.


So the same .elf file is sometimes crashing after 2 minutes sometimes after 10 minutes with different call stacks although there it is a fully autonomous running demo with no external stimuli. Our software starts only one task.


The code page that seems to cause the crash is called several hundred times before. The same software is running on the same hardware on another RTOS without problems. The alleged code is the same on MQX and the other RTOS i. e. it is not  os dependent.


Could please someone at Freescale contact us directly for more details?


Kind regards