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How to add EMCC support in uboot file for imx6Quad processor?

Question asked by Venkatesh P on Feb 14, 2014



     I  need to add MTFC4GLDDQ-4M IT eMCC and sd3 device support in u-boot 2013 .

Already SD2 and SD3 support is their.

In eMCC device add and boot  support  i have added this following one,

static const struct boot_mode board_boot_modes[]={

     {"sd2", MAKE_CFGVAL(0x40,0x28,0x00,0x00},

    {"sd3", MAKE_CFGVAL(0x40,0x28,0x00,0x00},

  {"eMCC", MAKE_CFGVAL(0x40,0x28,0x00,0x00},


in eMCC support this is enough or i want to add anything else.

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