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errors when executing GPU demo applications on i.MX537

Question asked by Andre W. on Feb 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by max mustermann



I am trying to activate Gpu (3D) support on my i.MX537 development board for being able to run Qt (QtQuick) applications.


Using Buildroot I have created a kernel image (mainline 3.12.5), device tree file, rootfs

and a u-boot image. Since the mainline kernel does not include a driver for the gpus (z160 and z430)

I have ported the amd-gpu driver derived from earlier freescale kernel sources (I think it was 3.0).

I managed the driver to be initialized and probed during boot without errors.


I took oGL and EGL libs from "amd-gpu-bin-mx51-11.09.01_201112.tar.gz" and copied the files to my rootfs.


When I start one of the demos supplied with "amd-gpu-bin-mx51-11.09.01_201112.tar.gz"

the following errors are printed to console:

# /usr/bin/tiger

Press Enter key to terminate

Color formats don't match.  Falling back to copy forward swap.

tiger: /u/build/nightly_build/build/ltib/rpm/BUILD/amd-gpu-src-11.09.01/driver/build/linux/mx51/../../../../tests/vg/base_linux.c:153: CreateEGLContext: Assertion `g_egl.cxt != ((EGLContext)0)' failed.


# /usr/bin/torusknot   

Color formats don't match.  Falling back to copy forward swap.

torusknot: /u/build/nightly_build/build/ltib/rpm/BUILD/amd-gpu-src-11.09.01/driver/build/linux/mx51/../../../rb/src/rb_device.c:120: rb_device_create: Assertion `0' failed.

I get the same error with my own Qt based application.

Nothing is visualized on the display and the board hangs and has to be rebooted afterwards.


I should also mention that only 3d support is activated currently since activating 2d and 3d exceeds

available vmalloc memory space of 512MB. For each gpu the driver (in its current form) tries to allocate

(ioremap) 256MB of virtual memory space.


I assume that the error messages (the last one in each case) originate from the libs supllied with "amd-gpu-bin-mx51-11.09.01_201112.tar.gz".


Can anybody help me to understand what these error messages are supposed to mean?