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some problem with imx233

Question asked by cheng youping on Feb 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2014 by PeterChan

download updated imx233 bsp and install ltib,

1. ltib gst-plugin have no mfw_mp3_encoder.

setup was as following:


./ltib -c

select gst-plugin,gstream -plug-base,gst-plug-good, CFimager the and rootfs.ext.gz 's content to sd card,boot imx233 dvk,


root@freescale ~$ cd /

root@freescale /$ gst-inspect |grep mfw

mfw_mpeg4aspdecoder:  mfw_mpeg4aspdecoder: Freescale MPEG4 Decoder

mfw_v4lsink:  mfw_v4lsink: Freescale: V4L Sink

mfw_aacdecoder:  mfw_aacdecoder: Freescale AAC Decoder Plugin

mfw_mp3decoder:  mfw_mp3decoder: freescale mp3 decoder

mfw_mp4demuxer:  mfw_mp4demuxer: FSL MP4 Demuxer

mfw_avidemuxer:  mfw_avidemuxer: FSL Avi Demuxer

mfw_h264decoder:  mfw_h264decoder: Freescale    H264 decoder

root@freescale /$

//no mfw_mp3encoder: freescale mp3 encoder,can't excute mp3 encoder.


2. select

./ltib -c

select fsl-mm-codec-libs and fsl-mm-mp3enc-libs

can't get fsl-mm-mp3enc-codeclib.1.8.0.tar.gz.



./ltib -c

select fsl-mm-codec-libs only.

no test_mp3_enc_arm9_elinux and

can't exectue mp3 encode either..



download updated imx28 multimedai framework.




re-install ltib.


the result is as attachment.

all in one word,


there are some error in imx233/imx28 mp3 encoder,


could someone help me ?