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USB Communication beginner

Question asked by alejuventino on Feb 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2014 by alejuventino

Hi everyone,


I want to discover Freescale Environment and I'm heading to do a simple USB application (switching on/off LED and read 0-1 push button with a little GUI first I think ).


I'm wondering how to start ?

How to select my hardware from the large range of microcontrollers and boards available ?

Of course ones which allow USB protocol but Kinetis L, Kinetis K, ColdFire, MPC ?

On school projects I've used some 8-bits microcontrollers so I'm attracted by trying to develop something with a 16-bits or 32-bits technology this time.


I've only started my searchs so I would be more precise and better informed later.

I'm asking about documentations, personnal methods, links to other topics, tutorials... all things useful from more experimented developers


Thank you for your reading and future contribution .