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using TZASC module

Question asked by francois juillet on Feb 13, 2014
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I would like use the TZASC module linked to OCRAMsys0 & OCRAMsys1


In chapter 66 , we have a register for enable this module (ACTZS TrustZone Enable Register (MSCM_TZENR) )


We must modify the field TZENi

TrustZone Enable (i = 1, 3-7, 9, 11). This field enables/disables each Trust Zone address space controller. Once

asserted, the individual bit remains set.

if TZENi = 0, the TZASC module is disabled and logically bypassed.

if TZENi = 1, the TZASC module is enabled.

The individual TZENi are mapped to the following TZASC modules:

1 = FlexBus

3 = CM4-TCM backdoor port

4 = QuadSPI0

5 = OCRAM0_sys

6 = OCRAM1_sys

7 = OCRAM2_gfx

9 = QuadSPI1

11 = DDR0 | DDR1


and in this chapter , it is written


In addition to the TZENR register bits, there is a single device fuse bit that provides a further level of

qualification. This fuse signal is combined with the individual TZENi bits to form the fully qualified

TZASC enable for each instance:

qualified_TZENi = MSCM_TZENR[i] & tzenb_fuse

where tzenb_fuse serves as a global enable qualifier.


My issue :


When I try to enable ( set bit 6 & 7) TZASC module for OCRAM and just after I read these bist then I read always 0

So When  I read the equation qualified_TZENi = MSCM_TZENR[i] & tzenb_fuse ,, if  tzenb_fuse=0 then I read always 0


But If I search the bit  tzenb_fuse in TRM , I don't find it


Somebody , tell me where can I find this bit ? What is it his default value and how can I modify this field

Somebody , tell me how can I enable the module TZASC for OCRAM ?