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USBDM HCS12_FlashProgrammer Problems

Question asked by Austin Copeman on Feb 12, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by Ihor Kocherha



I've been trying to flash my Dragon 12+ board with the USBDM and have been running into some issues. I am trying to replace the D-Bug12 monitor with the serial monitor but am running into issue. I have followed the instructions from Wytec USBDM OSBDM I have installed everything. One of the things though is that the USBDM shows up as a universal serial bus device instead of Lib-USB-Win32 device which I dont know if this may be causing the issue. After that I run the HCS_FlashProgrammer application, the application shows that it recognizes my BDM(USBDM-JS16-0001). After that I go over to target and hit detect chip and i receive the following error "The device appears to be secured and does not support SYNC. The currently set bus frequency is an approximation and may not be sufficiently accurate for unsecuring the target. Please manually set the bus frequency before programming."


So I manually enter in the chip of the which is DG-MC9512DG256 and I load the hex file sm_and_test_dr12p_rgb_8mhz.s19 which I had downloaded from set erase options to erasemass and hit program flash and recieve another error "Programming of the target flash failed! Reason:Failed to read from the target"


To me this is because it is not detecting my Dragon 12+ board but I really dont know. Any help would be great!