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Configuring flexbus on TWR-MCF5441X

Question asked by Steve Janisch on Feb 12, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2014 by Steve Janisch

I've been trying all week to configure a flexbus (specifically using CS4 and CS5) on my TWR-MCF5441x evaluation board.


As most things go... not having much success.


This is sort of preliminary -- a vendor is building me prototype board to fit into the tower and says I am supposed to talk to the devices using the MCF54418's flexbus interface.


At this point I'm just trying to configure the registers and address something that should give me some action on the FB_CS4 and FB_CS5 pins... but I get nothing.


Like most things with this particular processor, I've found no documentation aside from what is in the user manual, which often times does not give you a complete picture.  I'm not connecting to a flash or RAM, just a external CPLD device.


I'm just wondering -- since I've seen things about other tower boards and other better supported processors -- whether this is even possible.


I am trying to do this with MQX, but have found most of my posts on the MQX section of the community are pretty much ignored, while I have had some luck on this forum.