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Which development board for 4 camera capture using MIPI?

Question asked by Maarten Bakker on Feb 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by darren wang



I want to record 4 analog camera's using a i.MX6 mpu to a SD card for analytic. The idea is that I use the MIPI port of the MX6 for the camera's. To convert the analog signal to MIPI CSI I want to use the ADV7820M chip. question one: is this possible? and question 2.I have 2 boards to choose from:


RioTBoard: uses a i.MX6 SOLO MPU or the MARS board which uses a i.MX6 Dual.


Money wise I would pick the RiotBoard as this has a lower price-point, but I want to know if it even possible to capture 4 camera's this way.


Thanks in advance!



Okay, I looked around some more... The SOLO has only 2 data lanes so that ain't gonna cut it but the DUal does have 4 data lanes (800Mbit). So yea, I thought I will use the Mars board.. Well there is no MIPI connection on the board, and in the schematic of the board they weren't connected. Now I am considering the i.MX6 SABRELITE. Is this going to work with the ADV7280M?


Thanks in advance!