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DMA configured for I2S getting halt sometimes for K70

Question asked by deepakbhagat on Feb 12, 2014

I have used DMA0 for I2S data transfer from K70 with SGTL5000. I have implemented ping pong buffer for data transfer through i2s as mention in application note by freescale AN4369.

I have notice that DMA stop generating interrupt thus there is no sound from the SGTL5000 codec.

In isr I am switching the buffer addresses.

I am unable to find out the reason for interrupt not getting triggered after the major loop is over.

The code is working fine but once in a while we are facing the above issue.

Please help me out regarding what might be the root cause of interrupt not getting generated.

I have attach the DMA init function, please let me know what may be the possible reason of DMA getting hanged.

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