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About the difference between the power-on sequence of PMIC and CPU.

Question asked by okamoto satoshi on Feb 11, 2014
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I want to check about i.MX6Q.

There is a difference in power sequence the device(CPU side and PMIC side).

①Which(CPU side and PMIC side) is the right power-on sequence?

②It is not  issue in either the power-on sequence ?


Device you are using is the following:



Document order number: IMX6DQ6SDLHDG Rev 1 (2013/06)

Chapter 4  Requirements for Power Management

 4.2 Requirements for a generic interface between chip and PF0100

  Table 4-1.  Interface between the chip and PF0100

 Page 70-71



Document order number: MMPF0100 Rev 7.0 (2013/12)

6 Functional Block Requirements and Behaviors

 6.1.1Device Start-up Configuration

  Table 10.  Start-up Configuration

 Page 20-21(Pre-programmed OTP Configuration:F0)



③Why is there a difference in the PMIC and CPU?