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Flash memory mapping

Question asked by mehdikarimibiuki on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by Petr_H

1- I want to know how to configure internal flash memory of K10 in PE "Build options"?

2- I want to store all my data (program, code, variables, Bootloader, interrupts, factory defaults) in flash memory. Is that possible to configure them all in below:


I want to see if in the Flash Memory it is possible to do the following:

3- section for Bootloader to start up upon cpu reset?

4- section for read-only factory default parameter values.


Please give suggestions and examples on how to do that.


My controller is MK10DN512ZVLL10. And I am having a bare-metal project.



5- I see from the Ref Manual chapter 4 (Memory Map) that program flash range is 0x0000_0000–0x07FF_FFFF. But this does not make sense (30MB!!!) since my flash memory is 512KB only! Can you please elaborate?