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Very short delays(us) with TPM Module

Question asked by Diego Colombo on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2014 by jeremyzhou

Hi to everybody here

Please, hints needed.

I want to implement precise delays from few us to 100us.This is for squeezing  consumption optimization in some peripheral ,following directives of a co-worker.

Of course it is not a disaster if i would wait 5us instead of 3us in some sequence.But it is mostly for me ,to learn to use the timer correctly.

Now i'm using a Freedom Board KL05Z,with core,bus and TPM clock=20.97 MHz,global optimization level=0

NB:the TPM0 prescaler is set to 0


I did a simple C function acting on TPM0 registers:

void Mydelay_usec(unsigned int del) {   TPM0_MOD=del;   TPM0_CNT =0x00;//clean counter   TPM0_SC   |=TPM_SC_CMOD(0x01)|TPM_SC_TOF_MASK ;//inc. on every edge,clean overflow flag,up   while(!(TPM0_SC & TPM_SC_TOF_MASK) );//wait for overflow   TPM0_SC   &=~(TPM_SC_CMOD_MASK);//stop the timer }      


I measure the delay by reading a  pulse width on a pin on the oscilloscope :

GPIOB_PDOR &=~0x200; Mydelay_usec((test_var);//<<<<<  GPIOB_PDOR |=0x200;      

I leave the function empty ,just to measure the time needed to call it ,and to switch the test pin.The pulse width is 1.5us

void Mydelay_usec(unsigned int del){}      

...i expected something less


With the function complete,if i call it with input parameter=1, the resulting time is about 4.1us that lowers to 3us with global optimization level=3

I don't have experience of ARM assembly.Looking the content of my function not far form assembly level, i expected less assembly instructions(see the alleged file).



Another issue is that incrementing the MOD value  by 1,does not correspond to a progressive increment of the pulse width-

It looks,that the overflow,and the related pulse width are varying only when the MOD increases by 8 (?) units.

I guess this is because of the time between two checks of the TOF flag in the while(..) loop,that is too long to resolve a count of few units.

So a loop shorter than a TPM count is needed, but this is impossible unless i slow the count with a prescaler.

What is the right approach in this case?Interrupt?I should ever check some flag changed by the ISR..


Thank you all.


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