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Vybrid VF6xx Sema4 Interrupts not pending on CM4 NVIC

Question asked by Simon Kunzmann on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by alejandrolozano

I have a Vybrid VF6xx Board running Linux on the A5 and FreeRTOS on the M4. I implemented the Hardware Semaphores to synchronise the two Cores, but when i expect an Interrupt from A5 to M4 nothing happens on the M4 side. The "Sema4 unlocked" Interrupt doesn't show up as pending in the NVIC (Interrupt is enabled in the Interrupt Set-Enable Register). The Semaphores Processor n IRQ Notification Enable (SEMA4_CPnINE) and Semaphores Processor n IRQ Notification

(SEMA4_CPnNTF) Registers show the right values. On the other side, the Interrupt is coming through from the M4 to the A5. Additionally, if i set the Interrupt manually to pending in the NVIC, the Interrupt gets handled by my ISR on the M4.


What must i do to get the Interrupts working on the M4 side?