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about Errata 7293

Question asked by Alfred LIU Employee on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by jiri-b36968

Hi, Vybrid expert


in Vybrid_1N02G, we descript 7293 as follows:


e7293: XTAL: ROM code may fail to boot and return to safe mode due to insufficient

warm up time for the crystal oscillator

Errata type: Errata

Description: On occasion the xtal oscillator may not get sufficient time to stabilize. In this case, the boot

code will jump to safe mode and will continue to operate from the internal RC clock.

Workaround: Use an external clock/oscillator module to clock to the processor, ensuring the clock signal is

stable no more than 1.2 msecs after reset is released.



so my question is:


can I understand this errata that customer MUST add a external clock/oscillator if they want to be safe ( I think it's a normal requirment)?