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Writing user defined functions along with PE

Question asked by Pinakin Munot on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by Pinakin Munot

Hello !

I am using CW v10.4 for programming MC 13213, which is an SoC having an 802.15.4 compliant Modem + HCS08 MCU, in C language.

I have used Processor Expert to generate codes for pin control and port control.


Now, I want to add functions for writing commands and data to a 16x2 LCD, attached to my MCU.

I have written the functions needed for the same, namely lcd_data() and lcd_cmd().

All the pin assignments needed for LCD control are done in these functions.


However, can somebody please tell me where to add these functions in the project ?

Also, how to add a Header/Source file containing these the LCD data and command functions to my project ?

What is the syntax for the Header/Source files ?


Thanks in advance !

- Pinakin.