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Linux boot looking for DA9052 instead of MC34708

Question asked by John Whittaker on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2014 by jamesbone

Hi All,


I have a design that follows the Quickstart-Ripley rev B board.  When the same uSD card boots in the QSB (that has a MC34708) it is found correctly.  On my board instead, it is looking for a DA9052 and gives several errors.  It seems like the default for the i.MX53 with no eFuses programmed is to look for a DA9052, can I change this?


This board boots Linux and even boots Android all the way to the desktop.  The voltages seem fine, although SW1 is 1.25V and I thought the default should be 1.1V but the QSB does this also.  The difference between my board and the QSD is the QSB uses the i.MX535 and mine uses the i.MX536.  Also - the eFuses on my board have never been programmed (no MAC address, etc.)


The power button on my board does not work, the power button on the QSB works.  I am assuming that is because the i.MX53 is not aware that there is an MC34708 there and is not able to address the registers that control th


I see in another thread that the WDI input to the MC34708 needs a pullup to 1.8V, and also a level translation from 3.3V - could this be the problem?  Could I just use a voltage divider to convert the 3.3V WDT_OUTPUT signal from the i.MX53 to the MC34708?


This design is exactly like that of the QSB as far as this i.MX53 is concerned.


But this board has 2 identical i.MX53 circuits and they behave identically.  Also, I have tried more than 1 board.


Thanks in advance, this forum is extremely helpful.