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Passing arrays from function to function

Discussion created by Daniel Rogers on Aug 14, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2007 by Jim Donelson
I have a array that I have sussessfully managed to pass to a function. It is a single dimension array.
I know wnont to pass a two dimentional array.
my array is decleared as follows
  CARDSETTINGS const OC_Layout[28] =
                                    {{  USED,MAX7301_Config_7_4,  MAX7301_Port_Input_PU,1},
                                     {  USED,MAX7301_Config_7_4,  MAX7301_Port_Input_PU,2},
                                     {  USED,MAX7301_Config_7_4,  MAX7301_Port_Output  ,3},
                                     {UNUSED,MAX7301_Config_7_4,  MAX7301_Port_Input_PU,4},
                                     {  USED,MAX7301_Config_11_8, MAX7301_Port_Output  ,1},
                                     {  USED,MAX7301_Config_31_28,MAX7301_Port_Output  ,3},
                                     {  USED,MAX7301_Config_31_28,MAX7301_Port_Output  ,4}};
myf function is decleared as
extern void  MAX7301_Init     (CARDSETTINGS const* Layout, SPI_PORT Port, volatile uchar* pAddr);
and as called as follows
It appears that it only passes the first array of the array.
what have I decleared wrong.