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IMX6Q overheating ?

Question asked by Yves Bard on Feb 7, 2014
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   For my project, I used a Saberlite to decode some HD video ( H264 / High@4.0  / 1920x1080 /25fps ) and to do some other stuff during the video play, I do this using android 4.2.2 , and I m very surprised with two things :

- first the chip is very hot :

When using the magical command in a adb shell : while true; do cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp; sleep 1; done;

It's give me a temperature of 85°C at the end of the video.

=> And I observe this fact with all my Saberlite, and with a  RM3 ( blueship device ).


- second : the video could be a little slow, the hardware decoder get some hard time to decode and to show all the frame. Where are all the horse power ! ( I don't exclude some bad coding stuff from my part, but the video is well decode on some others plateform ).


Under linux os, the video is decoded well and the chip is very hot too.


=> So, is this normal for the chip to have such temperature, I don't want to have some premature aging.

=> Is the vpu android really well integrated for the video ? could we wait some new release to have something more powerful under android os ?


     Thank in advance for your answers !


            Best regards,