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MPR proximity range max distance

Question asked by Manas Chhabra Employee on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by michaelsteffenfae

I was experimenting with the MPR121 for proximity, and have managed to get a basic demo up and running. I am getting the distance as 2-3 cm, is there anyway we can increase the distance?

Some suggestions with the register values might help, as well as suggestions for electrode material ? I am currently using aluminium foil as a test.

The current configuration of the registers I am using is :

// prox sensing rising
MaxHalfDeltaRising, 0x3F
NoiseHalfDeltaAmountR, 0x5F
NoiseCountLimitRising, 0x04
FilterDelayLimitR, 0x00);

// prox sensing falling
MHDF, 0x01
NHDAF, 0x01
NCLF, 0x1F
NDLF, 0x04

// Section D - Set the touch filter Configuration
FIL_CFG, 0x24

I have disabled auto config and auto reconfig, but here were the original settings

  ElectrodeConfig, 0x30