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KL25 Timer interrupt never triggers

Question asked by Robert Karpinski on Feb 5, 2014



I'm trying to setup an FRDM-KL25Z development board such that every x seconds it reads 14 analog voltages, packets them up and sends them via the UART to another device. However I am having a really confusing problem.


I have set up a CodeWarrior project with Processor Expert with components for: Timer0, ADC0,  and UART0. It is set up so that the timer triggers an interrupt that then reads the 14 ADC channels, once it's done that it packets them up and send the data by UART. For debugging purposes I've also put little "start" and "end" UART messages at the very start and end of the interrupt response function to show it is actually entering the function. I never get "start" on my terminal display.


I have also put "Got Here" in my main function to show that the code does run and this does actually get printed to the terminal.


I'd really like to know what is going on here and why the code is not working. I've attached my code to help.


Thanks in advance.



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