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Recovering Project from Version Control

Question asked by Sam Ryan on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2014 by Sam Ryan

I followed the guide located here:

to check my project using Processor Expert into version control. Here is a screenshot of the files I pulled from our version control server using Tortoise to recreate the project:




My problem now is using these files to actually open the project. I tried to use "Import Project" in CodeWarrior to open that folder but it gives me a warning that says "No projects are found to import" and won't let me import the project as shown in the screenshot below:


Am I missing some file that I need to open this in CodeWarrior?  Or am I just using the wrong method to open these files as a project in CodeWarrior? Ideally I would like it set up so that any member of our development team could pull these files from version control using TortoiseSVN and immediately build the project.


I also tried using File->Open Path but that did nothing. I then tried Open File and pointing it to the .cproject file but it just opened as a text file.