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iMX6Q sabre lite board has no pcie ep device,Can iMX6Q pcie RC link up success?

Question asked by 晨 曹 on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2014 by Rita Wang

Hello, every one.I'm a new developer.Now I use imx6Q sabre lite board.I want develop pcie RC mode on it.but now i have none pcie device connected.I download the newest

boundary-imx_3.0.35_4.1.0, but pcie rc cann't linkup successful.The error msg is:

PCIE: imx_pcie_pltfm_probe start link up.

link up failed, DB_R0:0x009e6c00, DB_R1:0x08200000!

IMX PCIe port: link down!

Can any one help me, Thanks!