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Power off i.MX6

Question asked by Daniel Mattsson on Feb 4, 2014
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We have developed a custom board with i.MX6DL and MMPF0100 PMIC running android 4.2. We have problems powering off the board from SW.


We have followed the instructions in:






  - The function pm_power_off is assigned in board file (pm_power_off = mx6_snvs_poweroff;)

  - The function mx6_snvs_poweroff writes bits TOP & DP_EN to register SNVS_LPCR.

  - We have verified that mx6_snvs_poweroff is called when powering off from android GUI (long press power button and accept the popup box).

  - The systems hangs when writing bits TOP & DP_EN to register SNVS_LPCR.


The following have also been tried:

* Calling linux command 'reboot' from adb shell with various flags including -p.

  Result: Hangs the system (seems to call pm_power_off)


* Calling busybox poweroff.

  Result: Nothing happens


* Power off by calling the 'reboot' system call from a c program (

  Result: Hangs the system


* Enter PMIC 'OFF' state by setting:

  - All SWxOMODE bits=0

  - PWRON_CFG = 0


  - Finally trigger PWRON by setting various bit combinations in WDOGx_WCR.

  Result: Hangs the system (or in some cases => reboots the system).


Any input is appreciated!