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some problems of Ehternet connection

Question asked by t_kaz on Feb 3, 2014
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We have some problems of Ehternet connection in the following environment.


i.MX6 solo

Linux 3.0.35



When the packet of Ehternet is received, Rx intrrupt does not occur.

A "Marvell" tag is added to the header of Rx Data.

Therefore, I think that iMX cannot recognize a Mac address and interrupt does not occur.

Is my understanding corrrect?


If PromiscuousMode is enabled, Rx interrupt occurred.

However, kernel can receive only the data after 12 byte from a head.

(MAC of Distination and source is unreceivable.)


Please let me know about the following.


1. When Data is Received, Is iMX comparing MAC of the received packet and own?

2. Are There Some Methods of Receiving without Filter of the Mac Address? Is it only PromiscuousMode?

3. Does PromiscasMode only set PROM of ENET_RCR reg to Enable?  Are other operations required?

4. Can a Mac address be set up any value?