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USBDM with KE02 (problems to identify/program chip)

Question asked by JohnnyS2K on Feb 3, 2014
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Hi to all!



So, I wanted to start on the Kinetis world and for this I have made a USBDM (JS16 SWD "simplified" version of the programmer). To test the USBDM I have ordered some KE02 samples from Freescale (MKE02Z64VLC2). The samples have arrived but the markings on the chip are a little strange comparing with the datasheet (M02Q 6VLC 0N22J CTAZQD). With this samples and a adapter (QFP32 to DIP32) I connected the wiring from the KE02 and the USBDM and started the "ARM Programmer" tool, on the Target tab I press the Detect Chip Button but no compatible devices are shown on the list only the filter by chip ID (2040040) checkbox. I'm using the last version of the USBDM firmware and drivers (3/2/14)


Testing this USDBM with a HCS08 chip (QD4CSC) and the HCS08 programmer works perfectly (detects and program the chip firmware).


I want to know if someone has already had this problem or if this is a problem with the chip or a incompatibility with the USBDM.




Captura de tela 2014-02-03 22.38.05.png


Thanks for any help!