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When will S12ZVM be available?

Question asked by Rudolf Paula on Feb 3, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2014 by Oldnewbe2

Hi there,


I'm working for an automotive supplier in Germany.

We're currently evaluating, which microcontroller to use for the next generation of motorized belt-pretensioning modules. When looking especially for cost-reduction potential to our current design, I stumbled upon the S12ZVM, that seems perfect for our application, except maybe for the sparse FLASH and EEPROM memory.


  • Does anyone out there (at Freescale ;-) ) know the timeline for the qualification of this part?
    When I'm not mistaken, the timeline (end of 2012!) indicated a series start in mid-2013 or so...
  • When will samples be available?
    We'd like to make an evaluation/sample design as soon as possible?
  • Is there any chance for more than 128k Flash and 512b of EE in the (near) future?



Grateful for any information I could get!