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Unable to receive Extended Message ID CAN frame

Question asked by mnelson on Feb 3, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by Petr_H

Hello all!


I'm trying to convert a project (based on the MK10DX65VLH7) that previously used CAN frames with a standard Message IDs to using extended Message IDs. Previously, I could send and receive standard frames properly. I currently have two devices on my CAN bus. One device can send and receive the extended frames and the other (the MK10DX64) can only send them. I'm using Busmaster to verify the traffic.


Currently, I have the working device sending a frame with the message ID of 0xC001 onto the network. I can see the frame using Busmaster, but my interrupt never triggers on the MK10DX64. I'm slightly confused by the CAN_LDD component properties, I'm not quite sure what Message ID under Buffer Type or Individual Acceptance Mask under Buffer type does. I tried looking under the component help but the descriptions didn't explain much.


Here is a screenshot of my CAN_LDD component.



What I'm hoping for is to receive an interrupt for any extended message that is on the bus, not just 0xC001. Does anyone know how to configure this component to do that?