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MC9S12DP512 EEPROM - How to access all 4K EEPROM ?

Discussion created by Jakub Czaplicki on Aug 13, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2007 by Jim Donelson
Hi there,

I have got a MC9S12DP512  - EEPROM related question.

I've go a project in which I need to use at least 3K of EEPROM. I already use some EEPROM memory, but I need more now. In the description of the IEE1.c, it says : "EEPROM size : 4096 byte", and there are two definitions in IEE1.h :

#define EEPROMStart        0           /* Start address of EEPROM array */
#define EEPROMEnd          4079        /* End address of EEPROM array */

however the prm file shows:

"EEPROM_0400 =  READ_WRITE         0x00000400 TO 0x000007FF;"

Is that correct ? How can I access all 4K of EEPROM memory ?

I would be grateful for any tip/answer. Thx.