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New to freescale-Getting started with FRDM-KL46z

Question asked by Hesam Akbarian on Feb 2, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2014 by Hesam Akbarian

Dear Guys,


I am Hesam, who is expert in other types of MCUs but very fresh to Freescale MCUs.

I want to start with Kinetis and i have FFRDM-KL46z board to start with.

I have installed CW 10.5 and know how to create a new project but i have two main problems:

1- what are libraries i can use in CW to for example write a simple blink on gpio?

2-how to generate .srec or hex code(if i should)?

3-How to program the code to the MCU?


the structure of the Kinetis is and CW is tottaaly different with what i have worked before(I have worked with MPLAB(MICROCHIP) CODEVISION(ATMEL),..)

and would appreciate your response to get started.


Thank you very much,