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Is PIT trigger of wakeup of WKPU?

Question asked by Soichi Yamamoto on Feb 2, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by Naoum Gitnik



In VF5xx/wakeup sources of WKPU_WISR thread, I got the following answer.

 ・One of them, WKPU_M4IF (source - PIT), appears to be incorrect (to be removed in the next Reference Manual revision).


When I stop PIT, I do not LPSTOP3 cancellation. And, when PIT moves, I do LPSTOP3 cancellation.

From the above, I doubt that I do wakeup from LPSTOP3 in PIT.


I confirmed that I removed  LPSTOP3 in wakeup trigger of PIT.Then it contradicts this answer.


WKPU register is abnormal, too.The WKPU register after the LPSTOP3 cancellation is follows.

  WKPU_WISR = 0x00400000

  WKPU_IRER = 0x00013006

  WKPU_WRER = 0x00013006

  WKPU_NCR  = 0x00000000

  WKPU_NSR  = 0x00000000


Wakeup becomes the factor of WKPU_WISR = 0x00400000, but is a bit not to exist.


Is PIT wakeup trigger of WKUP?



What WAKEUP source does WKPU_WISR = 0x00400000 mean?


Please tell me the method to mask PIT wakeup trigger.


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