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AUDMUX internal network mode does not work on IMX6

Question asked by RobHawksFan on Jan 31, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2014 by Adrian Alonso
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I am currently working with the IMX6SLEVK attempting to capture audio from 2 CODECs (TDM mode) using a single SSI controller. I have the master and slave CODECs connected to external AUDMUX4 & AUDMUX5 ports. The SSI controller being used is on the AUDMUX1 port. When the AUDUMX1 port is configured to RX data using “internal network mode” and the INMMASK is set to receive data from AUD4 AND AUD5, I get no data. However, if the INMMASK is configured  to only receive AUD4 or only receive AUD5, data is received correctly. It seems that when multiple ports are selected in the INMMASK, all the data received is 0’s.   Individually the channels look fine. How do you receive data from 2 external ports to a single SSI interface?


The clock and frame sync lines are all being routed correctly.