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How use ssi_ext2_clk for sgtl5000

Question asked by cyril crocquesel on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by jimmychan



For a custom evk board, we use SSI_EXT2 for the sys_mclk of the sgtl5000 codec.

For the moment I just change in mx53_evk.c the mxc_sgtl5000_init(void) function replacing :


- ssi_ext1 = clk_get(NULL,"ssi_ext1_clk");

+ ssi_ext1 = clk_get(NULL,"ssi_ext2_clk");


I also add the following pin declaration :




I get the following error : sgtl5000 mclk freq 0 out of range


Any idea about the cause of this message?