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i.MX535 - External ULPI PHY USB3320

Question asked by Sridevi Kandaswamy on Jan 30, 2014
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I have a custom design based on i.MX535 with PMIC MC34708 (similar to the MX53 SMD Sabre Tablet platform)

The custom BSP is built with reference to Android R10.4 BSP Release for Sabre.


I am using i.MX535's USBH2 ULPI parallel interface to connect with 3G Modem module using external ULPI PHY USB3320. So this port will always be in Host Operational mode only.


1. Pls advice for driver support (with support for suspend & resume) for external ULPI PHY on USBH2. Also advice on the USB driver changes.

With the generic transceiver option selected in Menuconfig, the port is detected and the 3G modem is functional (hope with the default PHY register config). But when I initiate the suspend, the PHY does not function properly. Looks like the PHY registers are not getting configured properly. Hence need to understand the driver changes that would be required for the external ULPI PHY USB3320 support on USBH2.


2. The requirement is that when the device is in standby mode (i.e.,processor idle and just backlight turned off), when incoming call event comes, the device should resume. But this does not happen. Need inputs on how to implement this. (FYI - When the power button wakeup event comes, the device wakes up and all the peripherals are functional)


Can anyone help me out in this regard.

Thanks in advance.