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codewarrior project with code from several cvs repositories

Question asked by Carlos Barcala on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by Pascal Irrle

Hi everyboy,


I´m using CW 10.4 eclipse based to develop a DSC project, which I keep under CVS control. Part of the code is quite similar to the code in other projects, so I keep this "library" in a separate CVS module (and I use branches if I need modifications for certain projects). The structure is like this:


Project folder

        |____ CVS




                         |________ Library

                         |                      |______CVS

                         :                      |______ Code



I have two problems:


1) On the one hand, If I include the Library code via the cvs checkout (or eclipse´s new/project from CVS), Library appears in the CVS Entries file of the Project Folder, but the Library contents are not listed in the Entries file, so when I do Update in Project Folder, the contents of the Library folder are deleted.


2) On the other hand, If I just copy the Library folder from another location, CW deletes the CVS folder inside the Library every time I open the Project (I don´t know why -there´s no problem with cvs external toots-)



Any ideas?