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TWR K70F120M and FlexCAN example

Question asked by Raul Moneo on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2014 by Raul Moneo

Please need some help with FlexCAN example in TWR K70F120M.


This example requires two Towers, At the beginning I only had one so I've set FlexCAN in LOOPBACK mode and It seems to work well, I saw the interrupt each second.

Now I have a CAN emulator and I've set it to listen without any filter and I've set back FlexCAN example to NORMAL mode but I don't see any traffic in the bus.

I've checked the CAN emulator listen ok at the same baude rate with other CAN device.


TWR-SER J5 settings:

1-2   close

3-4   open

5-6   close

7-8   close

9-10 close


J4 open


Someone have run FlexCAN example in TWR K70F120M? any advice?


Thanks in advance