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socket: device driver is slow as molasses (MQX 4.0.1)

Question asked by pmt on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by Matthew Kendall

Hello all!


I'm using the MQX socket: io driver similar to the MQX "telnet_to_serial" demo example.  However I am driving output with printf() (STDOUT) and explicit fprintf() calls, not the serial port.


The issue is that the characters come over the socket connection slow as molasses; 3 to 4 characters per second as if the socket driver is hitting a purposeful _time_delay() between characters.  Occasionally you might get a burst of a few characters.  I have no other issues with sockets in general or my setup.  Only when I write to the socket via the socket: driver is the data rate slow.  I have seen this in the past going all the way back to version 2 of MQX and surprised to see the behavior is still in here on version 4.  I have tried disabling NAGLE, etc.....  


I think there is probably a lurking bug in the socket.  Can any MQX folk shed some light on the issue?