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I cannot send more than 63 bytes using MQX USB host example software for CDC.

Question asked by Paul Hunt on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by Paul Hunt

I am using the CDC USB Host example in a project. I ran across an issue in which if I try to send 63 bytes or fewer, it will send it. However, if I try to send more than 63 bytes, the stack will not send those out, until it gets another write that is less than 64 bytes again. Then it will send out a large buffer of data, that does not seem coherent. Parts of it seem fine, other parts seem altered.


Using the CDC Uart2USB and USB2Uart example in the MQX directory, I can replicate this issue easily. Does anyone have some ideas as to what may cause this? I have tried stepping through all the way down to the KHCI level and do not see what the issue is.The TR seems set up each time with the correct size and buffer in memory. But it still performs this behavior.


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