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L1016 Link warning

Question asked by huck lim on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by Pascal Irrle

Hello everyone,

I am having problem compiling my code. I am getting the L1016 warning, indicating that a file was found twice in project.prm. I got this warning after I backup my project into another directory. I think this is a general problem with me not knowing the architecture of Codewarrior.


I got this problem two days ago and the way I solved the problem was to re-export the project into xml file and then import it again, essentially generating a new project.mcp file.


Today this problem appear again and regenerating project.mcp file does not solve the problem and it prompted me to pose this question on this community, hoping to understand the problem and permanently solve the problem.


Anybody has the same experience?


Yours sincerely,